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A single man. Only He and the eternal binary of consciousness. He is a journey and makes the journey his goal, always new.

Who is he? Is he perhaps a worker? A dreamer? A philosopher or a poet? Or maybe each of these? And what does he keep in his suitcase? Something precious? We are not allowed to know. It's not important to know; just as we don't know his name. What we can admire is only that he goes... He Dances! He also meets some mundane creatures along the way. Perhaps he is not of this world. Maybe an Angel... Maybe... A simple dreamer.

DIRECTOR: Antonella Ponziani

SCREENPLAY: Antonella Ponziani

CAST: Luca Lionello, Claudia Crisafio, Antonella Ponziani, Ahmen Mohamen Mohamed



Hand in Hand tells the story of Agata and Antonio, two twin brothers separated at birth who now find themselves in their thirties without ever having known anything about each other's existence, but with the awareness of having a missing half, which they both knew somewhere that has always existed and will only be revealed later.

DIRECTOR: Angelica Cacciapaglia

SCREENPLAY: Angelica Cacciapaglia, Giovanni dentici

CAST:Angelica Cacciapaglia, Maxence Dinant, Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, Federico Mancini, Gabriele Gallinari, Eva Allenbach, Beatrice Dadie and Massimiliano Dadie



The story begins as a comedy and becomes progressively darker. Due to the dynamics triggered by the pandemic, a couple loses their false balance and goes out of control, overwhelmed by a vortex of hypocrisies, reality, fictions and betrayals. The two, perhaps still in love, no longer know how to go back. is a funny story with a bitter background and a strong social content that brings to light many wrong mechanisms that affect contemporary couples.

REGIA: Anna Marcello

SCREENPLAY: Anna Marcello, Anna Elena Pepe, Luca Guardabascio

CAST: Anna Marcello, Paolo Gasparini, Anna Elena Pepe, Vincenzo Bocciarelli, Elisabetta Pellini, Alessandro Barnardini, Livia Lupattelli, Venere Torti, S averio Muzaaopappa, Venere Torti



Anna is the classic over forty year old who doesn't want to give up, still full of enthusiasm towards life and the hope (or perhaps illusion) of believing in "great love". Paola is one of his peers who has achieved success in her profession and in an apparently peaceful marriage. They are two women who meet, not without momentary prejudices, because their difference is radical, but it will be precisely this that makes them meet in their fragile interiority, and then discover they are not so different. 

DIRECTOR: Maria Grazia Nazzari

SCREENPLAY: Luca Biglione

CAST: Maria Grazia Nazzari, Sonia De Meo

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